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Always Pray for the Suffering Souls in Purgatory
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The purpose of this website is to instruct the Catholic Faithful about the Church's timeless and Holy Doctrine of Purgatory. The suffering souls in Purgatory cannot help themselves and must rely on our prayers to free them from these terrible flames. The physical place of Purgatory is truly a display of God's charity towards the soul of a Catholic, who died not fully ready for Heaven [in that the remaining ugly stains and effects of sin have not been satisfactorily expiated], and yet was not deserving of Hell [i.e. there was no unconfessed mortal sins on their souls].

The Council of Trent - Decree on Purgatory
The Council of Trent

Decree on Purgatory from the Council of Trent

[The Catholic Church, by the teaching of the Holy Spirit, in accordance with Sacred Scripture and the ancient tradition of the Fathers, has taught in the holy councils, and most recently in this ecumenical council [The Council of Trent], that there is a purgatory, and that the souls detained there are helped by the prayers of the faithful, and especially by the acceptable Sacrifice of the Altar. Therefore, this holy council commands the bishops to be diligently on guard that the true doctrine about purgatory, the doctrine handed down from the holy Fathers and the sacred councils, be preached everywhere, and that Christians be instructed in it, believe it, and adhere to it.]

"O blessed Mass! at once assisting the living and the dead- beneficial for time and for eternity!" -St. Leonard of Port-Maurice

The truth of the painful fires of Purgatory has insanely been attempted to be "put out" by the enemies of the Faith. Sadly, the enemies of Catholic Truth by branding those who believe in the Sacred Doctrine of Purgatory as, "out of date" and/or as uncharitable "fanatics," are currently, seemingly triumphant in obscuring the Church's Teaching of Purgatory. It is not uncommon to find many who "call" themselves "Catholic" to also ridicule or at least question the infallible fact of Purgatory.

The webmaster humbly asks its readers to unflinchingly hold to and defend the Catholic truth of Purgatory, and to sacrifice and pray for the suffering souls detained in its fires [which may be your deceased family members and friends]. These helpless souls, who now fully see their errors and the hideousness of sin, respect God’s perfect justice and earnestly desire to take their designated places as members of the Church Triumphant, so as to thank and adore the All Merciful and All Good God, face to face, in perpetuity (Forever).

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